Admissions software that makes
assessing applicants smarter

Kira is an applicant assessment platform that combines video and written assessments with traditional admissions requirements
to identify applicants who are a great fit for your program.

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Leading academic institutions around the world use Kira to find the future leaders of tomorrow.
See and hear from every applicant

Get a first impression of every applicant and assess their personality and potential without worrying about scheduling conflicts and time zones.

Build a stronger, more diverse cohort

Our competency-based approach to assessment helps you build a stronger cohort by evaluating students on the skills they need to succeed in your program.

Uncover the potential of your applicants

Find exceptional students in the “grey area”–those with hidden potential who might not stand out due to their test scores or transcripts.

The Latest from our Library

The Kira Blueprint to Design Your Dream Cohort

Build an assessment to consistently identify the strongest in your applicant pool.

The Kira Blueprint gives your team a streamlined method to identify applicants who fit your ideal student persona and have the skills to succeed in your program.

Breaking Down Bias
in Admissions

The How-To Guide to Preventing Admissions Bias at your School

Admissions bias affects the quality of your classroom. Download the guide to understrand how and where bias occurs in your admissions process.

From the Kira Blog
Critics are questioning the 'value of an MBA,' tuition rates are climbing rapidly, and bootcamp style-learning is ballooning in popularity, leaving traditional business schools to be both creative and strategic in their efforts to yield exceptional classes.
Each year hundreds of thousands of students step up to bat in the college admissions game. They compile their transcripts and test scores, prepare for their interviews, meet-and-greet with administrators, and wait, fingers crossed, for decision day.
Application requirements rank ‘leadership’ among the essential skills for almost all competitive programs, and admissions interviews and essay questions ask applicants to demonstrate the competency.

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