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Scalable applicant screening

Identify the applicants with traits to be successful in the classroom and beyond with a fully custom assessment. 

Add Reviewer Services to have a select group of raters trained to score your custom Kira assessment and deliver applicant results on your timeline. 
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Real-time interviews

Conduct MMIs more effectively and conveniently by unifying your tools and processes into a single online platform. 
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Guaranteed success at every step

Completely customizable

Build your circuits and stations with multiple reviewers, role players, and standardized patients, and create unique schedules with double-length stations and rest stations.

Accessible to more applicants

Empower a wider pool of applicants to engage with your program by removing cost and travel barriers associated with 
in-person interviews.

Real-time analytics

At-a-glance dashboards allow 
you to track everything from 
real-time participant attendance to inter-rater reliability analytics. 
If need be, choose to delay the start of a circuit to accommodate a reviewer who's running late.

Best-in-class service

Your dedicated Client Success Manager provides your team with hands-on training, while Kira’s 24/7 technical support is ready to assist your applicants and reviewers before, during, 
or after their interview.

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