“The future of education requires
smarter admissions decisions.”

- Emilie Cushman, Founder and CEO

What we do

Kira Talent is the world’s only holistic admissions solution designed for higher education. Kira transforms the admissions process by combining on-demand, timed video and timed written assessments with existing admissions requirements. Kira works with over 700 programs worldwide to build applicant-first assessments that identify and select their best-fit students.

Our story

In 2012, Kira co-founders Emilie Cushman and Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski came together to tackle a problem: The current higher education admissions process is too one-dimensional and doesn’t allow applicants to tell their story. Excellent students are missed by admissions teams every year because of their test scores and transcripts, even if they have a great deal to contribute to the classroom. That’s why we built Kira.

Today, we’re a team of over 20 dedicated to making change in the complex higher education system.