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Uncover the highest potential in your applicant pool

Efficiently engage thousands of applicants to enroll stronger and more diverse cohorts.

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Holistic assessment made scalable

Meet and assess your applicants in less time by using on-demand video and written responses to identify the cream of the crop in a large applicant pool.

Capture applicant interest while gathering insights

Create a meaningful touchpoint with your applicants through a fully custom-branded platform that helps you find the hidden gems in your applicant pool, while showing applicants what makes your school unique.

Structured review made simple

Make more defensible admissions decisions with a bespoke assessment that leverages customizable rubrics and built-in bias mitigation features to give every applicant an equal opportunity to impress.

Eliminate reviewer fatigue

Free up time to nurture top applicants by adding Kira’s trained reviewers as an extension of your reviewing team.


“In our experience, well-rounded students are among the most successful in our program. Kira offered us a way of assessing the softer skills of our prospective students.”

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Maria White Assistant Dean McMaster University

“Our reason for getting started with Kira was in pursuit of greater diversity, academic inclusion, and getting to know our applicants better. The efficiency and ease that it brought to our process was an added benefit.”

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Deanna Jung Assistant Professor of Nursing and Coordinator, Pre-Licensure Programs California State University, Fullerton

Asynchronous Assessments

Engage and evaluate applicants on-demand with customizable, timed assessments.


Completely customizable

The Kira platform provides the canvas for your custom content and design, allowing you to engage and evaluate applicants in a way that works best for your program.

Equitable evaluation

Ensure consistency in the way your team interviews and assesses applicants for non-cognitive competencies, helping them reduce bias and make defensible decisions.

Real-time analytics

At-a-glance dashboards allow you to track everything from inter-rater reliability analytics to applicant integrity metrics.

Best-in-class service

Your dedicated Client Success Manager provides hands-on support to ensure your team and your applicants are always set up for success.

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