Broaden your defense against plagiarism

Ensure you're admitting applicants based on their own words, not someone else's, or AI-generated text
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How it works

Gather deeper insight into your applicants with a completely custom assessment in Kira. Then go a level deeper with SimCheck by Turnitin to flag any plagiarized content.


Invite applicants to complete your Kira assessment.


Screen their written responses and uploaded supplemental documents against Turnitin’s industry-leading database.


Review cases of potential plagiarism that may warrant further investigation by your team.

Similarity Detection

Safeguard the integrity of your admissions process with SimCheck to flag instances of text matches in an intuitive Similarity Report.

Generative AI Detection

Identify how much of an applicant’s submission is authentic versus AI-generated writing with SimCheck’s AI detection. 
How Turnitin's AI writing detection works >

1 in 319 written responses submitted in Kira last year had a similarity score of 50% or higher.

Protect your admissions process from plagiarism

Learn how your Kira assessment and Turnitin can help you maintain the integrity of your admissions process