What is Kira?
Kira is a comprehensive assessment platform that combines video and written assessments with traditional admissions requirements such as test scores, essays, and reference letters to identify applicants who are a great fit for your program.
How Kira fits into your admissions process
1. Standard Application
Applicants apply through your online application portal and complete the standard written application (essays, references, transcripts, test scores).
2. Kira Assessments
Applicants get directed to a Kira assessment and submit timed video and written responses as a part of the online application.
3. Review Applicants
Reviewers evaluate the applicant’s video and written responses using the Kira rubric methodology.
4. Make Selection
Applicant scores are appended to their profile in your current CRM alongside the rest of their online application to allow for seamless workflow and selection.
Benefits of Kira
Develop a deeper understanding of your applicants
See your applicants come to life in stunning video and watch how they think and respond on their feet to the questions selected by your admissions team. Accurately identify applicants who are able to make quick decisions, have good judgement, and will contribute to classroom discussions and make their mark.
Assess verbal and written communication skills
Adding a timed video and written component to your admissions application makes it easy to assess the communication skills and presentation skills of your applicants, which employers consistently rank as some of the most desirable attributes in new graduates.
See and hear your international applicants
Get a first impression of international applicants and assess their communication skills without worrying about scheduling conflicts or time zones. Review their responses on your own time, without the need to schedule time or stay up late for international interviews.
The Golden Era for Talent: Roger Martin’s Insights on Admissions
Former Dean of Rotman School of Management (1998 – 2013) The World’s Most Influential Business Thinker – #3, Forbes
Reduce application fraud, and stop playing detective
Timed video and written responses make it nearly impossible for applicants to cheat or get help from others with their submissions. With Kira, applicants only have a couple minutes to respond to each randomized question, so the admissions committee can be sure the work they’re reviewing is legitimate.
Reduce the length of your application without losing insight
Reduce application abandonment by giving applicants a fun and interactive way to apply to your school instead of more essays to write. Kira assessments can be completed in less than 20 minutes and provide more insight than the traditional written essay.
An admissions component your applicants will actually want to complete
A branded experience from start to finish
Kira provides a unique way to educate students about your programs and to showcase your school’s culture in a whole new way. Engage them with an interactive application component complete with customizable landing pages, welcome and closing videos, and thought provoking video questions.
An amazing experience for your applicants
We’re committed to providing the best interview experience for your applicants. In fact, 88% of applicants rate their Kira Talent experience “Excellent”, thanks to our easy-to-use platform, robust practice suite, and our outstanding 24/7 North American-based support team.
Expert advice from our Academic Consultants

Our team of Academic Consultants have helped schools across the world develop a fair, robust and reliable way to assess their applicants.

We work closely with your team to craft a highly customized assessment, helping you find students who are the most likely to succeed in your specific program. Our hands on service means we don’t just hand you a document, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Together, we can build the strongest cohort in your school’s history.

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