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Facilitate change at your school.

Create a plan to start a more rigorous soft skill assessment in your admissions process.

holistic admissions training

Evaluating soft skills or core competencies as part of a holistic review can help you identify applicants who are most likely to succeed.

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Key Challenges

We know that finding the right students for your program can be tough. In helping over 300 academic programs build competency-based assessments, we've found that many admissions teams initially struggle with four key questions.


How do we evaluate the whole applicant, including hard-to-measure traits like leadership or empathy?


How can we evaluate these subjective traits in a way that is fair?


What traits should we look for in our applicants?


How can a competency-based assessment fit into our current admissions process?

To address those questions and help
facilitate change, our team at Kira has
developed a
holistic admissions kit.

What's inside?

This kit features a series of self-guided readings and worksheets that will equip you to:


Establish a cohort vision to drive clarity on what your success looks like.


Determine the core competencies of your program's most successful students.


Plan to evaluate these core competencies in your admissions process.


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This kit is designed to get you thinking about the competencies essential to success in your program and how to evaluate them in your admissions process. You can work through these exercises on your own or in a group, and at any pace.