Kira Talent raises $2MM seed round to invest in industry leading mobile and analytics suite

Kira Talent has raised $2MM of venture and angel capital led by Relay Ventures and has accelerated its product development timeline

Toronto, ON (September 25th, 2013) - Kira Talent’s $2MM seed round was led by Relay Ventures and supported by 18 other leading investors. 

“The renewed commitment by our investors is a testament to the incredible traction Kira Talent has seen in the market” says Kira Talent CEO Emilie Cushman. “Over the past 12 months Kira Talent has seen fantastic global market adoption having served over 80 countries and onboarded world leading organizations.”

“As we look to the future, we’re thrilled the develop the industry’s leading mobile suite that will allow reviewers and applicants to have a world-class recruitment experience across devices” says Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski. “We’ve listened very carefully to our clients and know that data and analytics are critical to showing the strategic value HR drives in an organization.”

Over the coming months Kira Talent will be releasing a suite of new products that create the world’s simplest and easiest to use video interview screening platform. 

In addition to Relay Ventures, Kira Talent has also been supported by leading investors such as Tony Lacavera, Reza Satchu, Roger Martin, Gary Slaight, David Shaw (CEO of Knightsbridge Human Capital). 

In 2010 only 10% of companies reported to using video interviewing; however, in 2012 over 60% of companies are using video interviewing in some form. User devices are saturated with camera functionality and, as the war for talent rages on, companies need faster and more innovative ways to screen applicants. In 2025 over 75% of the workforce will be millennials who expect technology to be part of every aspect of their recruitment and employment experience. 

“Video interviewing is not a fad, but represents a truly innovative way to improve the recruitment process by saving time and having greater visibility into the personality and potential of your candidates” says Cushman. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. At Kira Talent we are passionate about making the screening process beautiful and productive.”

About Kira Talent 

Kira Talent is the world’s simplest and easiest to use video interviewing platform. Talent recruiters can be setup in minutes and typically save up to 75% of their recruiting efforts. The process is simple: record video questions, receive video responses from candidates, and then collaboratively rank, share, and compare the results with the selection committee. Kira Talent’s clean and beautiful user experience allows for effortless implementation for all organizations including small and medium sized enterprises. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

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