Kira Talent on CTV - Thoughts from undergraduate applicants

Kira Talent’s award winning video interviewing platform is revolutionizing how Canadians screen and ultimately accept candidates.

Toronto, ON (March 25th, 2013) - This past Friday, Victoria Mattan of CTV news highlighted the Richard Ivey School of Business’ trail blazing success as Canada’s first undergraduate program to use video interview screening to support with their candidate selection. Toronto-based video interview company Kira Talent provided this platform. 

“It was very similar to an in-person interview" says Robert Bince, a transfer student coming in to Ivey from Laurier. "It was like a real person was there talking to you because it recorded your answer right after it asked the question, and you didn't have time to think and write down notes just like a real interview". 

Kira Talent’s application process mimics that of a real interview in that once a student starts responding to the video questions they cannot stop or try again. Applicants at Ivey were given 40 seconds to think and 60 seconds to respond to each video question. 

“Interviewing the students give the application a personal touch” says Alan Neal, Recruiting Associate at Ivey - "It really gives another layer to evaluate our candidates on to a more personal level". 

Some of Kira Talent’s other clients include the Rotman School of Management, Ryerson University, and Queen’s Business School but the Richard Ivey School of Business is the first ever to launch the application at the undergraduate level. 

“We are passionate about helping academic institutions curate their incoming cohorts” says Kira Talent CEO & Co-Founder Emilie Cushman. “Learning is no longer one dimensional and paper-based, so why should we rely only on paper-based resumes? Our academic clients see the future, and know that video offers incredibly deeper insights than traditional screening methods”. 

This process has only been introduced to 140 transfer students but Ivey expects to have it mandatory for those applying from high school students in the near future.

About Kira Talent 

Kira Talent is an award winning online interviewing platform that allows managers and recruiters to record video questions and responses and to embed them in their online application process vis a vis any connected device. After candidates open the application they view the questions and reply back through video. These short videos are sent back to employers who can rate, share and compare the incoming pool of candidates within the company. 

Kira Talent is a Toronto-based technology start-up and was named the Most Outstanding Venture within 2012 cohort of The Next 36: Canada’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative. The goal of The Next 36 is to help launch the careers of Canada’s most promising and innovative undergraduates. Emilie Cushman and Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski are leading examples of young Canadian entrepreneurism and have been some of Canada’s youngest entrepreneurs to receive venture funding. 

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