Kira Talent to Highlight Technology and the Changing Admissions Process at GMAC

GMAC attendees will learn about technology’s role in creating a process that appeals to today’s applicants.

Toronto, ON (June 16th, 2015) - Kira Talent, the company behind Kira Academic, the first video talent assessment platform for universities and colleges, today announces its presence at the 2015 annual Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conference. Kira Talent will highlight how technology is innovating the admissions cycle, helping schools improve selectivity, and engaging millennials during the lengthy admissions process.

“We’ve learned what schools need in order to select the best applicants through our meetings with admissions teams from around the world, in addition to having more than 100,000 applicants from more than 75 countries complete the Kira Academic assessment,” said Craig Morantz, CEO of Kira Talent. “The admissions process has seen very little innovation in the last 50 years, and we want to change that. We want to dramatically improve the current way students are selected by using technology and the Kira Assessment methodology.”

Emilie Cushman, co-founder of Kira Talent, will lead a discussion on innovating admissions requirements, along with a look at some of the new ways schools can interact with candidates to improve selectivity and school fit. She will share the challenges facing admissions teams around the world and how new technology is helping to address them head on. Featuring a panel of experts, including Kate Smith from Kellogg School of Management, Conrad Chua from Judge Business School, and Soojin Kwon from Ross School of Business, who will discuss the new technology that has helped them improve the selectivity and fit of their applicants.

David Singh, vice president of strategy and operations, will discuss how to build an aspirational admissions process specifically for millennials. He will share best practices on motivating millennials throughout the admissions process that leverages lessons from major brands, business schools and industry research. Singh will also facilitate a panel discussion with other admissions officers to consider key trends that are impacting the admissions process.

Kira Talent will be demoing the Kira Academic platform at the Kira Talent booth - #19. Anyone who visits the booth will also receive Kira’s famous “conference survival bag,” packed with everything an attendee needs to make the most of their time at GMAC.

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