Kira Talent Enriches College Admissions Process with the Launch of Kira Academic

Platform introduces recorded video responses and timed written responses portal to better assess potential candidates.

Toronto, ON (October 28th, 2014) - Kira Talent today announces the launch of Kira Academic, the first video-interviewing platform created specifically for the university and college admissions process. With the new platform, admissions officers can better evaluate candidates’ written and verbal communication skills by presenting video and short-answer written questions through the online platform. Easily integrating with schools’ existing admissions tools, Kira Academic adds a new level of personalization and analysis to the applicant assessment process.

“Authenticity in higher education admissions applications has always been a challenge,” said Craig Morantz, CEO of Kira Talent. “While essays and applications can be assessed, there has never been a way to truly get to know the candidate behind the application. Kira Academic adds a new layer to the admissions process that allows institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the applicant.”

Using Kira Academic, admissions officers can better assess oral communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills through multiple interview formats. Video questions require students to record their video responses to customized questions using their webcams, allowing the school to get a better feel for the respondent and their personality and potential. Timed Written Responses can be embedded into the application and work to ensure that submitted content is authentic, resolving a problem that has plagued traditional written admission components for decades.

“The higher education landscape is rapidly changing and we’re excited to play a part in how schools connect with their future students,” adds Morantz. “The traditional admissions process isn’t perfect, it’s limited and unreliable, and we know Kira Academic can help solve this issue.”

Kira Academic customers include Yale, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Kellogg School of Management and Rotman, among others.

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