A bustling center for innovation with a devotion to driving change

Within Boston University, one of the world’s leading research universities, Questrom School of Business is an innovation hub known for offering exceptional learning opportunities rooted in a strong emphasis on creating value for the world.


Discovering the real people behind the applications

Using essays and test scores, the team at Questrom found it challenging to accurately assess a candidate’s personality, their presence, or their motivation to take this next step in life. To stay true to their mission, Questrom was looking for additional ways to ensure they were selecting applicants who truly met their commitment to leading positive change.


“There’s so much more to every candidate than a test score or an essay that’s written or even the interview process. So we feel that the Kira platform has added an immense amount of value to our process so that we can make sure each class that we bring in is shaped in a way that helps us advance our school.”

– J.P. Matychak, Associate Dean for Student Experience & Services, Questrom School of Business


Adding a new dimension to get a more authentic view of candidates

The Kira platform is used as a ‘video essay’ component of the MBA program and a required piece of the Specialized Masters admissions process. Each applicant receives three questions, randomly selected from a large question bank, that allow them to share their thoughts and relevant personal or professional experiences.


Questrom advances their mission without losing efficiency

By getting to know their applicants more authentically with Kira, Questrom ensures each class that they bring in is shaped to advance the school’s mission and aligns with the school’s vision. With a more robust process in place, each 60-second video allows the team to get to know candidates in ways they simply cannot through a traditional written essay.

Want to learn more about Kira?

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