Better Assessing Communication Skills and Program Suitability

As one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom, The University of South Wales needed a more efficient way to evaluate prospective students. Using Kira, the team has reduced 50 percent of their interview time.


University of South Wales: A reputable institution with a large international community

The University of South Wales is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom with over 500 course offerings and more than 33,000 students, many of whom flock to South Wales from around the world for their education.


Better assessing communication skills and program suitability

The University of South Wales processes in the region of 6,000 international applications each year and ensuring that the right students are recruited is absolutely key. Interviewing applicants enables the university to understand its applicants’ strengths, assess communication skills and obtain a holistic view of the applicant. One-to-one interviews are essential for the University of South Wales to maintain its diverse campus environment but the process was extremely tedious and time-consuming for staff.

“Using Kira Talent’s platform is certainly making our admissions process more rigorous, helping us to assess student intent in a way that our traditional recruitment process didn’t and is therefore helping us make better informed and transparent admissions decisions.”

- Cath Woodward, Team Leader – International and EU Admissions


Quickly and easily assess communication skills with Kira Talent

Kira replaced Skype for admissions interviews with international students for their Nursing program. By removing barriers like time zone conflicts, back-and-forth scheduling, and transition time between calls, Kira gives the team at South Wales a truly authentic view of their applicants in a fraction of the time.


University of South Wales has more time for what matters

After integrating Kira into their admissions process, the admissions team at the University of South Wales has been able to make smarter decisions while reducing approximately 50 percent of their interview time. The team is now able to focus more time and energy on student recruitment and applicant conversion, without losing valuable insights into applicants.

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