Attracting the Best and Brightest From Around the World

The Smith School of Business MBA program offers a personalized educational experience to create an innovative program tailored to their students’ education needs.


Smith School of Business: Where theory meets practice

The MBA program at Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business offers a personalized educational experience that was designed in close consultation with the business community, alumni, and faculty to create an innovative program tailored to their students’ educational needs.


Attracting the best and brightest from around the world

Located three hours east of Toronto, Canada, in-person interviews were not feasible and paper applications did not provide the admissions team with a strong sense of a candidate’s personality and potential.

“Unequivocally, I would recommend Kira Talent. It has given us a tool which has made our admissions process more robust.”

- Shai Dubey, Director, Full-time MBA Program Shai Dubey, Director, Full-time MBA Program


Kira adds depth to admissions

Kira provides the Smith MBA admissions team with a better way to assess their cohort. Instead of spending over an hour per candidate in live-video or in-person interviews, the team can more accurately identify the top candidates for further consideration and save weeks of time. Finally, as a direct result of using Kira, the school has seen a substantial rise in the quality of applicants.


Create a three-dimensional experience

By integrating Kira into the Smith MBA admissions process, each applicant was asked three questions from a batch of over 30 questions. The admissions team was then able to collaborate and compare each applicant based on their professional background, personality, and passion for the program. Using Kira the school has seen their applicant quality rise substantially.

Make your admissions process more human.

Over 300 programs are using the world's first holistic admissions solution to select the best-fit students for their classes.

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