Kira’s consultative approach helps you identify the competencies students need to succeed in your program.
We then develop a custom online assessment for your program that runs on the Kira platform.
The end result?
  • A proven method to identify the best students for your unique program.
  • An interactive application component that engages and challenges your applicants.
  • A stronger, more diverse cohort of students with the skills needed to succeed in your program.
A fair evaluation for all your applicants
Introducing our Rubrics feature
Review every applicant with a rubric crafted from your assessment—with each response identifying the competency and description it’s meant to evaluate. Remove subjective opinions and ensure all reviewers are clear on what to look for in each applicant response, making applications more fair, transparent, and accurate.
Our Clients Love Us

“Our experience at the Olin Business School has been very positive. I especially appreciated the innovative approach that Kira took to assess our application process. This allowed us to highlight our programs in ways that resonate with prospective students while helping us better assess and select applicants for our programs. Working with the Kira team has been energizing, they are incredibly responsive and have great domain expertise.”

Nikki Lemley
Associate Director Specialized Masters Programs Admissions at Washington University in St. Louis

“The Kira platform is great and the on-boarding process has been outstanding. The methodology the Kira staff uses is innovative and personalized, and they have done an excellent job at helping us tease out core competencies to assess. We feel confident that we made the right decision to implement Kira Talent.”

Danielle Curtis Dailey
Director of Enrollment Management at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Expert onboarding and advice
Our team of experts have helped schools like yours develop a more fair, robust, and reliable way to assess their applicants. From account configuration and user account setup to integration with your existing CRM system, implementing Kira is easy because we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Video Interviewing eBooks and Guides
  • User Account Setup
  • Account Configuration
  • Full Implementation Support
  • Video Filming Consultation
  • Branding Consultation and Setup
  • Integration Management
  • User Training and Support
Incredible support for you and your applicants
We’re committed to providing a great experience for you and your applicants. In fact, 88% of applicants rate their Kira Talent experience “Excellent”, thanks to our easy-to-use platform, robust practice suite, and our outstanding 24/7 North American-based support team.
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