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Get a holistic view with Liaison and Kira.

Integrate timed video and timed written assessments from Kira into Liaison's best-in-class Centralized Application Service (CAS™).

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How it works

1 Set up your Kira assessments

Take advantage of powerful tools like timed assessments to see how applicants think on their feet through unscripted video and written responses to your customized questions.

2 Connect your CAS programs

Set up the integration between your CAS programs and your Kira assessments with a few clicks. It can be done in just minutes.

3 Get a holistic view

Select your best-fit students by assessing for program fit and key traits like leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Take admissions interviews virtual

See and hear from your applicants, anytime and anywhere. Avoid travel, technical challenges, and time zone issues, by inviting your applicants to complete a timed video or written assessment in Kira.

Reduce admissions bias

Simulate a structured interview through consistent, timed assessments using Kira. Invite multiple reviewers to evaluate candidates on a shared rubric to ensure a fair evaluation for each candidate.

Identify best-fit students

Make more informed decisions by evaluating key traits relevant to your program. Assess soft skills like leadership, communication, resilience, alongside the rest of the application, for a holistic view of each applicant.

Bring together Kira and Liaison’s CAS to offer a comprehensive holistic review for each applicant.

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