Selecting the Best-fit Applicants

Three years ago, Foster's MBA program saw an unprecedented bump in applicant volume without significantly more resources. Kira allowed the team to better screen applicants prior to their real-time admissions interview.


A transformational learning experience in a trending U.S. city

Located in the vibrant seaside city of Seattle, the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington has become a hot attraction for MBA applicants across the country and worldwide.


Conducting admissions assessments with a climbing applicant volume

Three years ago, the MBA program saw an unprecedented 74 percent bump in applicant volume that has stayed consistent since. Foster had a significant jump in prospective students to consider, without significantly more resources.

“Kira is helping us interview the right candidates.”

- Erin Town, Director of Foster’s Full-time MBA Admissions


Screening applicants earlier in the process with Kira

The Kira component of the application allowed the MBA team to better screen applicants prior to their real-time admissions interview. All Foster MBA applicants answer timed video questions as a required component. They went from interviewing up to 65% of applicants “live” (either in-person or via video conference) to closer to 45% of applicants.


The MBA team can focus on interviewing the right applicants for their program

Foster has observed an increase in leadership abilities and participation across all students, but especially among admitted international students. The MBA program has been able to focus their efforts to become far more efficient in their admissions process.

Make your admissions process more human.

Over 300 programs are using the world's first holistic admissions solution to select the best-fit students for their classes.

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