Identifying Well-rounded Applicants


An in-demand program at a top Canadian institution

McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering in Hamilton, Canada has developed a strong reputation for its research-focused, student-centered approach to education.


Evaluating softer skills in prospective students

Given the program’s popularity, thousands of applicants from across Canada and around the world vie for about 900 spots in the first-year class. With a competitive grade cut-off for applicants already in place, the admissions team observed that grades alone were not indicative enough of a student’s potential.

“In our experience, well-rounded students are among the most successful in our program. Kira offered us a way of assessing the softer skills of our prospective students.”

- Maria White, Assistant Dean, Academic


Competency-based assessments through Kira

After partnering with Kira to add timed video and timed written questions to their admissions process, McMaster Engineering was able to conduct large-scale assessments of soft skills, in addition to grades and test scores, for all prospective students.


Exciting change for McMaster’s admissions process

McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering had a positive experience working with Kira in their first cycle using the product and their team is now recommending Kira to colleagues within the university.

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