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Meredith Richardson is the Admissions Manager, Specialty Programs, at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The three specialty master’s programs attract over 2,000 applicants, who each go through the admissions office to ask questions, learn more about the program, and, of course, gain admission.


How to coordinate interviews with students around the globe

In the past, Weatherhead would conduct hundreds of Skype interviews each year, speaking with anywhere from 25 applicants per week to as many as 40 at her busiest, in addition to her other regular responsibilities. Often, she would be up until eleven o’clock at night speaking to students around the world, as she tried to account for and accommodate for time zone differences.

“Because I can get more done in less time, I can actually meet more applicants. You can’t put a price on that.”

- Meredith Richardson, Admissions Manager, Specialty Programs


On-demand assessments allow the team to better use their team

Using Kira assessments, the school can handle their applicant volume during business hours. Weatherhead also makes use of the ability to assign applicants to leverage other members of their department to assess the large volume of applicants to the schools’ specialty programs.


The Weatherhead School of Management gets more done

With Kira, Meredith got her evenings back. Given Weatherhead’s rolling admissions deadlines, Richardson estimates that she has saved at least 48 hours of evening interviews peppered throughout the recruiting season. She’s no longer tied to the particular time she’s booked with applicants for their video calls, and she can assess student responses when she’s most alert and during regular hours.

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