Building an admissions process to match an innovative program


Innovative program seeks equally sleek admissions process

The Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Baylor University is a unique hybrid program that offers students the opportunity to get their doctorate in two years, instead of the traditional 3. Students follow a rotation of online classes and on-campus lab sessions which happen on Baylor’s campus in Waco, Texas.


Taking the experience up a notch

Already using a holistic approach with asynchronous video assessments, Baylor found that their current process wasn’t living up to their innovative program. They wanted a tool that would go beyond video recordings to help them create a fairer, more efficient, and more accessible application and enrollment process.

“We use Kira not just for the assessment, but also for recruitment. We wanted that 'wow factor' for our applicants, and our previous program didn’t have that 'wow factor'.”

- Casey Unverzagt, Director of Admissions


Get more with more

Kira’s streamlined process helps Baylor’s admissions team get more out of their assessments. 

Unlimited practice questions give applicants a chance to familiarize themselves with the software and calm their nerves, while randomized questions ensure that Baylor gets a more authentic representation of their abilities. 

Horizontal review allows for reviewers to be assigned to a specific competency across applicants, minimizing the effect of Halo Biases, while in-platform insights on inter-reviewer reliability and applicant responses help Baylor learn more from each assessment.


Living up to the hype

With Kira Talent, Baylor now has a holistic admissions process that lives up to its innovative program. “Before, we had a phenomenal program and an average admissions process,” said Baylor’s Director of Admissions Casey Unverzagt. “Now, we have a phenomenal program and a phenomenal admissions process. Kira not only builds an expectation for the program, but it gives us functionality that makes our jobs 10x easier.”

Make your admissions process more human.

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