What is Kira?

Kira combines video and written assessments with existing admissions requirements such as test scores, essays, and reference letters.

Kira enhances your existing application by integrating effective, efficient, and fair digital assessments into your school’s CRM to create a more streamlined admissions process and provide deeper insights on each applicant.

Assessment Creation

Consultative Onboarding

Every Kira client gets a dedicated Success Manager to ensure you get the most out of the platform. Your Success Manager will work with you to understand your cohort vision and the key traits tied to success in your program. Together, you’ll build a customized assessment using our research-backed methodology designed to identify the best fit applicants for your program.

Branded Assessment Portal

Brand the assessment experience from start to finish with your school’s colours, logos, and campus images. Record a welcome and closing video that get applicants excited about your program, and record your own video questions to introduce your admissions team.


Kira is designed to integrate with leading admissions CRMs, including Hobsons, Slate, Liaison, Salesforce, and more. Using our API, the Kira assessment can be combined seamlessly with the rest of your admissions workflow.
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Efficient Reviewing

By combining traditional methods of assessment like grades, test scores, and essays with new forms of assessment like timed written and video, Kira gives reviewers the information they need to make informed decisions in a format that is faster and easier to review.

Timed Video and Written Assessments

Get a truly authentic view of your applicants with timed video and written assessments designed to uncover insights into leadership potential, motivation, communication skills, and other key traits. Receive an unscripted, unrehearsed answer and see how applicants think on their feet to evaluate for program fit more efficiently than ever before.

Collaborative Reviewing

Reviewing applicants is better in teams. With Kira, each response is recorded asynchronously, allowing multiple reviewers to see and rate the same response and on their own schedule. Each reviewer provides independent evaluations of their assigned applicants and their scoring is averaged with your other reviewers to create an unbiased picture of each applicant.


During your onboarding, we’ll build a plan with you to select and define the criteria most important to your next cohort. These rubrics and key trait definitions appear in the platform to ensure all reviewers are comparing applicants on the same criteria.

Document Review

You can evaluate applicants essay, letter of intent, and other written components in Kira. Our augmented written assessment takes the guess work out of evaluating written skills so you can focus on the content, not on spelling and grammar.

24/7 Applicant Support

At Kira, support is personal. You can contact your Success Manager directly for responsive support for you and your team. We offer 24-hour applicant support to ensure your applicants have a great experience.

Effective Assessment

Results Page

See the complete picture of each applicant before you make a decision by combining your evaluation of applicants’ key traits with components of your existing supplemental application into an applicant’s Kira profile.

Reviewer Analytics

Calibrate your reviewers’ average scores to assess di erences in your team’s evaluation variance and identify areas for improvement to achieve greater consistency.

Inspire Report

At the end of each year, we provide you with a detailed Inspire Report, including usage details, applicant data, reviewer and support metrics, and a summary of applicant feedback.

Want to learn more about Kira?

Book a hassle-free demo with our team to find out of Kira is the right solution for your school. We’ll explore what success looks like for your program, where Kira would fit into your existing process, and answer any questions you may have.