London’s Ivey Business School: Producing global business leaders

For over 90 years The Ivey Business School in London, Canada has produced global business leaders using its immersive case study program (alongside Harvard Business School).


Panning for gold within a sea of applications

Every year, the Honours Business Administration (HBA) undergraduate program receives thousands of applications and the volume prevents the admissions team from completing in-person interviews with their candidates.

“We have students from wide geographical areas and different time zones, so Kira Talent really was a convenient and efficient way for us to reach out to those students.”

– Amy Bryson, Director of Recruiting and Admissions, HBA Ivey Business School


See personality, not paper using Kira

Kira allows the HBA program to interview incoming students by using video as part of their online application process and by asking each candidate two randomly selected video questions from a list of over 30 questions.


Ivey Business School transforms the admission process

Ivey HBA was the first undergraduate business program to assess applicants using Kira in 2012, and the school’s MBA, MSc in Management, and PhD programs have followed suit since. As a result, the Kira Talent platform has saved the admissions office thousands of hours by eliminating the need for in-person interviews.

Want to learn more about Kira?

Our team would be happy to walk you through the Kira platform and answer any questions you may have.